Simons and Goodwin

There is a warmth that comes through their songs and it makes you feel like you're listening to old friends.  
Don Petersen ,  Union Coffeehouse,  Belgrade Lakes, Maine

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*** Bob has just released his own original CD called "Falling Through the Years". Visit Bob's website for more information ***.

Simons and Goodwin

Bob Simons and Renee Goodwin have known each other for more than 40 years, meeting  when they were both involved in, what has been called,  the great folk music scare of the 60's.    But it didn't scare them as they embraced the acoustic music and the intimacy of the coffeehouses where they, individually, performed both traditional and contemporary forms of the folk idiom.  Over the years, their tastes broadened to include all types of acoustic or Americana styles of music, but with the folk roots always showing through.

Since that time,  the friendship, which by now included their families, continued and whenever they got together, there was always some music involved. However, the idea of joining forces and  putting together an acoustic act didn't occur to them until 2006.  Since that time they have delighted audiences of many varied venues.  They have been appreciated by audiences in pubs, coffeehouses, outdoor and indoor concert settings, as well as private parties.  

Simons and Goodwin cover all forms of Americana music including soft rock, country, blues,  pop standards and, of course, both traditional and contemporary folk.  A Simons and Goodwin performance is always unpredictable in terms of  the set list,  always keeping the audience on its toes and anticipating  the next song.  The predictable part of  each performance is the tightness that comes from years of friendship and beautiful,  intricate harmonies.